[Oberon] Hoare's original partition algorithm.

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> I would like to see the original algorithm in a C like language, because,
> I am not able to understand the semantics of the Algol constructs that are
> used in the original version. Probably that is the reason why all my
> attempts to capture it in C failed.

Why am I not surprised? I would not recommend the use of C as a language to
help describe the behaviour of algorithms. 

There is a thorough analysis of Quicksort (and other sorting algorithms)
using Oberon as the language to describe it in section 2.3.3 "Partition
Sort" in Wirth's classic book "Algorithms and Data Structures"


There are earlier printed editions of the book that cover the same subjects
using first Pascal, and then Modula-2, as the programming language.

Chris Burrows
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