[Oberon] One man's bloatware... (was RE: Free ride on other systems goes far.

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Fri Feb 15 10:38:34 CET 2013

Bob Walkden wrote:-
|It seems ironic to me that someone on an Oberon list should consider it
|economy of effort to have an Oberon bobbing about on top of Linux like
|a cork on the ocean.

That's why I gave a FULL log of a non-trivial task, for readers to decide
for themselves. And I welcome your log of how your favored OS would do
my example AND how it would <list all files in dir-treeD, less than T-days-old
which contain String1 and String2 and Sring3 and..>
Jan Verhoeven wrote:-
V> Oberon as a windowmanager? So the list will be KDE, Gnome, Oberon

Well yes, and EACH Frame of ETHO manages it's window-descendants.
BTW, I much prefer `blaclbox` under Slak13.
This old PC can't even manage the latest KDE.
I'm waiting for rPi to 'blow the WinTel monopoly away'.
Alexander Iljin wrote:-
I>  I this of Oberon more like a scriptable text editor. Much like Emacs.
Yes, I've also noticed the strong similarity in philosophy.
Douglas G. Danforth wrote:-
|Holy, molely!
|Not Emacs, the dregs of editors!
|Oberon is so much more.

Sure, emacs apparenly pre-dated the <visual and mouse> facilities,
which IMO is *THE* most important aspect, but it tries to integrate
many facilities, and it recognises that the human [i.e. text editing]
is the center. Although emacs can do ANYthing it's not so economical
in effort required, because it lack the CENTRAL secret of ETHO:
you don't need to remember, you just recognise and klux.

We need to define our terms: oberon -> ETHO -> LEO
which are extended supersets.

I'm not particularly impressed-with/interested-in Oberon, and
I want to ask some help on:
 how to find the Frame corresponding to a MarkedDocument.

There's an idea related to extending [Free ride on other systems],
which I've mentioned before and I will continue to mention:

When you extend/ride-on-top, you can't avoid having to know/carry some
details of the ancestor. But when you concatenate, you can ignore/discard
the previous stages. And I will AGAIN call on my canonical example:
 Find all files in Dir-TreeD |
 which are newer than Ndays |
 and which contain String1  |
 and which contain StringN

== Chris Glur

PS. I badly need to have TLS/SSL to send gmail.
Could A2 do it? Or some other ETHO family ?

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