[Oberon] Workflow problem?

eas lab lab.eas at gmail.com
Sat Feb 16 21:28:37 CET 2013

Who remembers Turbo Pascal -- TP3 for DOS !

It didn't have the problem that ETHO has.
Or am I missing something?

 you load FileA, which leads to
 loading FileB, which leads to
 loading FileC, which is very interesting.
So you Grow FrameC, and you need to compare 12 lines near the top
with 12 lines, 8 screens down.
So you Copy and reposition and compare.
And then you want to read exactly what was mentioned on 'that other' file,
 some 2 or 3 or 4 files ago.
But THAT file is now covered/hidden.

With TP3 you've got no problem because you've got a <stack window> of the
most recent saved 'texts' -- IIRC?

ETHO <popup> does NOT achieve this.
It can't give you the LATEST copy of the TEXT, which is hidden.
It can give you the latest copy of the FILE.
Which is not what you want.

linux:wily which is the public domain version of plan9:acme
admits to being based on ETHO.
But it pops-up the hidden FrameA, when called upon to reload it.
It does NOT reload the text, which my differ from the display-text.

Would it be feasible to do this in ETHO?
Did I see come code in Chapter*.Text to trace through the TextFrames
from the root, and list all the names of the nodes?

Well obviously -- that's how it works.
How then would you 'swing FrameA around to be visible'?

==Chris Glur

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