[Oberon] [Fwd: RE: objects and jewels]

Frans-Pieter Vonck fp at vonck.nl
Mon Feb 25 21:08:41 CET 2013

Hi Jörg

> If you want to use Oberon as programming environment for Arduino, you
> either need an Oberon cross-compiler to AVR RISC code
This is Gutknechts opinion about AVR in a handout of a course about system
• The AVR architecture has limited support
for high level programming, because:
- the lack of regularity in the AVR instruction
- the incompleteness of the AVR instruction set
source: http://www.inf.ethz.ch/personal/liuli/Systembau/Lecture2.pdf

MikroE has a good pascal compiler for the avr (and ARM). However, i do not
like the use of unqualified methods. As with Turbo Pascal - I do not know
what the origin is of the procedure, variables etc that are used. (Answer:
Buy the Manual). So that is not an improvement over the arduino language,
however the example source code of MikroE are very inspiring and can be
easily ported to Oberon.

> - Load the Firmata FW onto the Arduino. This FW reads serial commands and
> translates them to the underlying Arduino HW
> - Write an Oberon module that communicates serially via the Firmata
> protocol with the Arduino.

I think I will leave the Arduino's behind an go for the expresso or embed
boards. Actually now I only program arm9 and cortex m3 in oberon with
The Firmata control panel, where you can control for example servo's from
a host console is interesting.
I tried that out with WinOberon connected through a serial-port with an
oberon programmed arm-board. Still have to think of a (simple) message
protocol between WinOberon (V24.panel) and the board. A future project
could be a slider gadget controlling the servo's on the arm-board.

Greets and thanks for the advice you gave me,


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