[Oberon] Re (2): OLPC XO computer

eas lab lab.eas at gmail.com
Fri Mar 8 23:56:13 CET 2013

| > You didn't say if you're using <LEO> or
| > http://www.informatik.uni-bremen.de/~fld/UnixAos/

|You didn't open http://carnot.yi.org/ExampleSystems.html#OLPC .
|It's plain text and not too big.  Surely you can open that
|even with a poor telephone modem connection.
|There is a link to the Downloads page at the ETH which has a
|link to the uni-bremen.de you cited.

Yes I fetched it, read it and filed it. Because I know your http is concise.
                                 OLPC XO-1.5

   The famous machine in ongoing development by the [21]One Laptop Per
   Child project. It successfully runs [22]UnixAos, developed and
   maintained by Gnter Feldmann. The screen is 153 mm x 115 mm, 1200 x
Initially I had the impression that it was Aos, then before I mailed I thought
'this may not be Aos' so I changed my 'Subject'; then after I'd posted,
I realised that I hadn't changed my mention of Aos.
It would have been better if you'd mentioned, the main point, Aos, at the TOP.

} In my setup TLS is provided by the underlying system.  This message
} also sent from that system.  (!)

Yes, I was hoping for that too.
Although I don't understand how Linux does ppp connecting, and
then LEO 'takes over'. Perhaps the 2 systems communicate via
TCP/IP. I think the whole X-system talks via 'ports' ?
>> SMTP plus TLS.    I need that desperately to better manage gmail.
> In my setup TLS is provided by the underlying system.

Jack Johnson wrote:
> If you're having SSL or TLS grief, I can't agree more. Using stunnel
> to encrypt a known working protocol is pretty painless, and easy to get
> creative with.

Well I was given some pointers on USEnet, and when I failed it was said
that I need to get slak14, since slak13 of 2009 is bad/too-old.
I can't accept the gmail, which I've had [as a spare wheel] for years
couldn't work from 2009:slak13. So I got some more info to test the
older version os stunnel; which gave a <something missing> error.

When I use `links gmail.com`, I can see the <doing SSL traces> so the
facilities are resident in slak13. But I want to get back to using the
ETHO: TextMail interface. BTW re. links, these Eastern European named
programmers are astounding: also when you compare `blackbox` with
KDE or all others window-managers which I've tried.
Popularity is no indication of value. Life is NOT better with Coke.

It would be interesting to see OLPC using ARM.
I'm very impressed with the rPi [which I lent to the bright security guard to
test, and I'm testing HIM: how rPi could be used in a 3rd world environment].

== Chris Glur.

PS. why would I want a 37 MB Aos, instead of LEO.
If you wrote about special features, like *I explained* LEO's
System.Execute facilities, with ample EXAMPLES, you'd be *contributing*

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