[Oberon] Oberon V4 sources moved

Claudio Nieder private at claudio.ch
Mon Apr 1 02:11:46 CEST 2013


> There is repo on github with Oberon V4 sources in plain text format (so, you can read it via github web-interface): https://github.com/ilovb/ProjectOberonV4

That's great. Feel free to add other sources found in https://sourceforge.net/projects/oberon/ to it if you feel it is worthwhile.

On https://sourceforge.net/p/oberon/wiki/Tools/ I describe a tool I have just added to my repository which helps inspecting and reading Oberon Text files if one does not have a running Oberon System available. This requires of course to first check out the repository and then use the tool locally while Alexey's repository makes it very easy for someone who just wants to have a glimpse at the sources to have a quick look on the web. 

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