[Oberon] Oberon V4 sources moved

eas lab lab.eas at gmail.com
Sun Apr 7 14:40:36 CEST 2013

Claudio Nieder wrote:
| Basically to port Oberon on a new platform you need to take one of the
| existing compilers and modify the modules OPC, OPL, OPM to create a
| compiler which generates code for the ARM processor. This allows you
| then to compile all other Oberon OS modules for the new target.
| Assuming you want to use Oberon on top of Linux you need to compile the
| bootstrap loader oberon.c on your ARM/Linux environment. I cannot judge
| whether the BootLinker needs adaptations too or not, as I do not know
| anything about ARM.

Oberon is not ETHO.
I use ETHO every day, but have never built a substantial project with it.
Any advantages of Oberon over eg. free PASCAL are minor in my opinion.
It's the human-interface of ETHO which matters. Where you can eg. VISUALLY:
compare DOSformat FileD with *NixFormat FileU, and
replace all paragraphs in FileD, before the first mismatch, that contain
"dog", with paragraphs in FileU that contain "fish".

I don't believe that ETHO's 'display tree' has been ported to any non-86x
system.  And it could be difficult to do so?

== Chris Glur.

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