[Oberon] call ioctl() function in linux from AOS

F. Necati Ecevit fnecati at gyte.edu.tr
Fri Apr 12 18:19:18 CEST 2013

Hi Zdenek and Soren;

I had written interface modules for libv4l2.so, libv4lconvert.so and a client module 
that is adapted from T. Frey's VideoExaple.Mod for LinuxAos.

If you like I can send you or if somebody can direct me I would like to publish it 
on somewhere so that anybody can use and extend it.

What should I do ?

- Necati.

 I have also FFTW modules that i would like to publish..

> Hello, is there any way to call ioctl() function in linux from AOS?
> ioctl() is being used to control UVC (V4L2) webcameras in linux.
> What I would basically like to do in aos is write some simple image
> grabber for usb webcamera.
> Because of ioctl() clib calls I cannot get any further.
> Zdenek

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