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Sun Apr 28 18:23:12 CEST 2013

|"Fix Keyboard/Aux init problems on some machines (PS2 option in
|ConfigMouse). VGA bug?"  and Input.Mod has "PS/2 Aux port ... auxoverflows
|... auxbuf ..."
|What is the meaning of "aux".  It is not in
|http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PS/2_connector .
|Is is merely a synonym for PS/2 which is suitable for use in source code?

My current linux wants: /usr/sbin/gpm -m /dev/psaux -t ps2
  which seems to indicate a 'connection' between PS2 <-> aux
but seldom is the solution to a problem in the meaning of one word.

The 'cua?cau' notation in *nix is also obsolete ?

Coincidentally I'm having a lot to do with keybrd & mouse lately:
 HOW2 run rPi plugged to a TV, with a mouse only, like ETHO can do?
 How can a USB-mouse just plug to PS2 via a a passive adaptor, when
  USB is so complex, and didn't even exist when PS2 was specified?
 Apparently USB-mouse is not 'proper' USB, but just a bluff.
 Why, when USB-mouse broke, did new one not ALSO work via PS2 adaptor?
 Can USB-keybrd also work via adaptor? Probably not, since kybrd & mouse
 connectors are coloured mauve/green respectively.
 Is inittab fault on alternate installation cause by new USB-mouse
  which needs to be plugged to USB-socket?
 LNO also needed <ln -s X  Y> modify for new mouse.

IMO keybrd & mouse is central to what makes ETHO special.

After I discovered how to input the char at the cursor [not caret],
to give a whole matric/spreadsheet like input-set, instead of the
half dozen ETHO kluks/chords, I realised that it's too difficult/slow
to position the cursor on a specific char.

I was misled by the fact the EditKeys nicely maps an action to a
caret-pointed char and a key. But the caret-pointed char is inevitably
at EOL; which is relatively easy to put the caret on.

Still: a matrix of 20 keys X several-special-words could be a useful
input palette.

== Chris Glur.

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