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>From chris at cfbsoftware.com  Mon Apr 15 00:16:16 2013
> Read section 12.6 'Searching the symbol table, and symbol files' in Wirth's
> 'Project Oberon' book for a thorough explanation. You will probably find the
> answer to your other question there as well.
> http://www.ethoberon.ethz.ch/WirthPubl/ProjectOberon.pdf

Thanks for the pointer.  It's an excellent document 
and I've reached chapter 6.
"1. External references are directly patched in the code. The object file contains a list of the locations of
all external references. It is called the fixup list.
2. A separate link table is provided with external references to be converted. The actual references
within the program code directly refer to these table entries, and only indirectly to the objects."

I don't understand this.  If each external reference is patched, why is the 
fixup list needed?  Appears that the fixup list is equivalent to the link 
table and the two cases are almost one.

However perfect a document is for knowledgeable readers 
there can be some details which are difficult for less expert 
readers.  So I would hope that at some future time, ProjectOberon.pdf 
or parts of it at least, can be incorporated into the Oberon Wiki.  
This wouldn't detract from credit to the authors.  With suitable 
acknowledgement it would certainly expand recognition of their 

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