[Oberon] Re (2): Oberon Digest, Vol 115, Issue 3

eas lab lab.eas at gmail.com
Sat Dec 7 04:44:35 CET 2013

> > Re. putting Native-Oberon to a USBstik, ...
> The Oberon subsystem in UnixAos is better.
We Tekies, avoid elaboration, often implying
"it's so obvious, I won't insult your intelligence by a
detailed explanation".

Rather than lapseing into "it's a better experience", please
TRY to list some ways that "UnixAos is better".
And other reader TOO: try to analyse and write your subjective
impression of ETHO.
As  an example, for me, ETHO is the best that I've used, because:
1. less need to bob-head-upNdown from keybrd, since
  mousing allows heads-up operation.
2. Menuing replaces the need to REMEMBER with the cheaper
 task of RECOGNISING. ETHO's losely structured menuing sytem,
 allows the user to immediately add menu-items. Eg. in *.Tool

> > Can I easily email the Win-like panel?
> > Or embed part/all of it in my notes?
> > Or select-execute text in it ...etc?
> Some of the old bug-fixes from NO apply and a few
> new bugs are related to the *nix environment.

You've cut my reference to gmail: which uses TLS/SSL.
I added transmission-authenticate to the original TextMail.Mod
years ago.

> During the next month or two I'll make notes and
> let you know when they are available.
Thanks for walking infront and taking the flak.

> Thanks to Guenter Feldmann for the great and insightful
> work.
As often stated, his LEO is superb.

== Chris Glur.

PS.Here's a paste from a text-browser of the US-cluttered-presentation:--

 Gmail by Google      _____________________________
[ Search Mail ]   [ Search the Web ]  Show search options
   Compose Mail   << Back to Inbox   [ Archive ]    [ Report Spam ]
  [ Delete ]    [More Actions...]      1 of about 64 Older >
   Folders        [ Go ]
     Inbox (69)
1. Illogical structure.

2. The 'inbox' hot link is presented twice.
 Each unique item must be ONCE in it's unique/logically-related location;
 not like a butterfly...
Obviously Google WANTS to confuse you and FORCE you to search around, so
that they can sell you something.

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