[Oberon] erroneous hiding procedures in programmer's text editor v2.1

Zdenek oberon at moravcik.info
Fri Dec 13 09:03:41 CET 2013

On 12/11/2013 04:30 PM, Jan Verhoeven wrote:
> Zdenek wrote:
>> Bug was detected in AOS revision 5406.
> Not sure whether this is a bug.
>> My question: is it syntactically OK to omit semicolon before procedure's
>> BEGIN ?
> Not according to the language definition.
> It should be "VAR n : LONGINT; BEGIN" The semicolon is nt an end of line 
> statement. It is a Start-Of-Line statement. In this case it signals the 
> "BEGIN" coming up.
> In the case of the END statement, things are different in that the END 
> is known to come up; a LOOP is always concluded by an END. So the last 
> statement in a LOOP/END does not need a ';' since the END was expected.
> In your VAR case, the BEGIN cannot be predicted so the ';' is required.
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OK then if ";" is strictly required in this case text editor (or
compiler) should report compiling error which it is not.
It reports nothing so you have to find out yourself.

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