[Oberon] NO Sources/GCC - was: Project Oberon: New Edition

Bernhard Treutwein bernhard at wildwein.de
Sun Dec 22 14:44:03 CET 2013

Hi Jan,
> Mr Niemann (also on this list) is working on an Oberon to C translator.
> Perhaps he would be pleased to get some support.

oops, Joseph Templ put OFront, which does exactly the Oberon to C 
translation into Open
Source about a year or two ago ... see 

> [...] but the sources of NO are very hard to get.

as far as I know that was true, but in the latest so called alpha NO all 
sources are
completely available. These are in the meantime already 10 years old, but 
are functional (see 

OK, I found it also a little bit difficult to locate them since ETHZ 
rearranged their servers
and the directories, but the stuff is there.


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