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> Why spend thousands of hours in trying to duplicate a backdated Ceres
> in an FPGA board and being stranded on a deserted island in an ocean of
> relatively standardised PC systems?

You've missed the point. This is not an attempt to be another PC or Linux
clone or even an alternative - it is in a different category altogether. It
is open hardware as well as open software - and I don't just mean that the
schematics are available. 

The crucial difference with this new system is that the design of the CPU
itself is not set in concrete. Now, not only can a single individual with
average intelligence have complete control over an entire operating system,
compiler and related software tools they can go one step further and
experiment with the design of the actual CPU itself. Additionally they can
now design and implement their own application-specific *hardware*
capabilities - they are not limited by what is available in off-the-shelf
components. Get yourself a copy of Wirth's Digital Circuit Design book (ISBN
3-540-58577-X) and to get a better understanding of what this is really all


Chris Burrows
CFB Software


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