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Some ideas on HCI:
we techies overlook it's importance;
which is demonstarted by stupid notation like "a better experience".
What's that ? It needs to be analysed.

There's a Swiss HCI specialist who AFAIK is/was associated with ETHO.

Focus on the human psychology, not the computer hardware.
Although we all differ, some basic evolved human attributes are:
 short-term memory limited to ca. 3 items;
 recognision is mot limited by memory.
This automatically leads to the menu-concept, which TUI has.

We all learned to read and are forced to exercise it in daily life,
 so menu-items are conveniently: recognisable test-strings.

Lifting your arm to point to a screen, is only for short/baby tasks.

Perhaps with mobile-devices you can rest your arm.

Although the reflexive chording-at-the-mouse position can't be equaled,
probably <verb> <noun>...<noun> notation can be efficient.
Many tasks can use this. Like:
 verb:ReplaceAllUntilNextVerb To From1 ...FromN

But can mobile devices conveniently/accurately select a text-stretch?
The other essential capability, where ETHO excels is multiple files
simultaneously visible/accessible.

Most non-trival tasks needs 4,5,6 files visible/accessible at once.
== Chris Glur.

On 12/22/13, peasthope at shaw.ca <peasthope at shaw.ca> wrote:
> Claudio and everyone,
> From:	Claudio Nieder <private at claudio.ch>
> Date:	Sun, 22 Dec 2013 02:40:43 +0100
>> ... unnecessary fragmentation.
> Yes, fragmentation is probably the biggest obstacle to efficient
> use of computing.
>> Some people on this list care mostly about the TUI and are happy
>> having that with any other kind of OS running beneath of it.
>> Others might even hate the TUI because the mouse-interclicks
>> cannot be translated to touch screens ...
> There is a very simple and effective way of integrating the familiar
> Oberon TUI with the gestural touchscreen approach.  The result, I
> believe, is more powerful than any extant interface.
> I have a description of this interface and am working on a prototypical
> implementation.  To avoid pre-emption of the ideas by commercial
> interests, details have not yet been published.
> Best Regards,       ... Peter E.
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