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> Hi, this question goes to the authors of active oberon:
> Suppose I am a company willing to produce some hardware in china (let's
> something like modems) and I want to program the hardware in active
> For me that means incorporating the whole active oberon distribution into
> hardware.
> What is the legal status of active oberon distribution? Can I use it
> for commercial purposes or does ETH require me to obtain permission?
> (the question above is a hypothetical one, I am not a chinese company -:)

I'm not an author of Active Oberon, but according to:


my understanding is that you can use A2 for commercial purposes as long as
you adhere to the conditions stated at the URL above. However, anybody
considering embarking on this sort of venture would be well advised to
consult with a lawyer who specialises in intellectual property (IP) law
before proceeding,


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