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Josef Sedlacek sedlacek at swissonline.ch
Sun Feb 9 13:57:23 CET 2014

Hello on Sunday

> X86
Since 1997 we have used NO and AOS on a X86 machine. One of the 
objectives was to use the existing software as far as possible. This 
means MODULE, RECORD, OBJECT, NEW etc. should remain more or less 
unchanged. One point is the endianness an other is the alignment and so 
on. These points have been adjusted in a manner, that the port was 
successful. There are no old burdens, no segmentation, the addressing is 
linear etc. In contrary - when you are on such playground you can add an 
instruction which executes alpha blending for a burst very fast in the 

> Does this mean that, in Doug's parlance, two young dogs have taken up
> the challenge to make a Raspberry Pi class system based on Oberon?
The A2 is not a copy of another system. It is an industry controller. 
The generic hardware and software kernel is combined optimally with an 
industry interface directly to the machine.

> Is this a system that is being developed?
We have got a first series and we perform tests on the real machine.

> Or is it still a wild idea
Yes it was a wild idea.

> And what does it mean for the openness of the Oberon source code?
This is to be discussed.

> Contact Embedded Artists.
Thank you

> When can I buy one?

Best regards

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