[Oberon] Commercial system

Josef Sedlacek sedlacek at swissonline.ch
Tue Feb 11 09:48:31 CET 2014

Dear Bernhard Trautwein

Am 11.02.2014 08:57, schrieb Treutwein Bernhard:
> Dear Josef Sedlacek,
> do I understand correctly:
> [...]
>>> Contact Embedded Artists.
>> Thank you
>>> When can I buy one?
>> Today
Excuse me please. This combination of questions and answers is a mix of 
different mails in the Oberon list. Jan Verhoeven recommended to contact 
Embedded Artists for which I said thank you. Doug Danforth asked when he 
could buy it.
This information was released at the very first time and the project is 
very fresh. There are no distributors yet. We are now looking for first 
new customers in addition to them that we already have.

What are you looking for?

Josef Sedlacek
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