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> I want to insert the Oberon-formatted SD card into the PC and I want to see the directory. 

You can write software that will do that. I used BlackBox Component Pascal but you could use Gardens Point Component Pascal (GPCP), Delphi, C# or whatever is your favourite Windows programming language. As long as it can make calls to the Windows API. For source code snippets see my post (9th Jan 2015) in this mailing list with the subject:

[Oberon] Project Oberon - Copying files to the SD card


> Neither I nor my customers want to use dd or something equally
> obscure. We want to drag-and-drop as usual. Is it possible? I am not
> sure. Could you explain?

Yes - achieving drag and drop functionality is quite straightforward. For example, the key lines of GPCP code that we use in Astrobe's drag/drop event handlers for opening Oberon source code modules are:

DragEnter event:

  IF e.get_Data().GetDataPresent(Wfm.DataFormats.FileDrop, FALSE) THEN

DragDrop event:

  fileList := e.get_Data().GetData(Wfm.DataFormats.FileDrop)(Sys.Array);

 * Wfm is an alias for System.Windows.Forms

 * filelist is of type System.Array 

 * e (of type Wfm.DragEventArgs) is a parameter of the DragDrop event handlers.

Chris Burrows

CFB Software


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