[Oberon] Updated RISC5 firmware

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> The former is accompanied by Multiplier.v dated 14.9.2015.
> The latter is accompanied by  Multiplier1.v dated 29.4.2011
> So here I have a question: why two multipliers, and why their codes
> are different? Would be good to see a comment on the website. But
> there is no comment. Just a horizontal line.

You are looking in the wrong place.

Refer to Section 16.2.2 'Multiplication' in the Project Oberon

> Even more puzzling is that RISC5.v is accompanied by MouseP.v, while
> RISC5a.v is accompanied by MouseX.v, which are again quite different.
> Another puzzle.

Refer to Section 17.2.2 'The Mouse' in the Project Oberon documentation.
> How can I force my students to comment their source code when they
> can see this situation?

Don't. Encourage them to write good design documentation with illustrations,
tables etc. instead, using the comprehensive Project Oberon documentation as
an example.

Chris Burrows
CFB Software

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