[Oberon] Hennessy.Mod (was: Fwd: IDE with integrated source leveldebuggerandLuaJITVM running the Oberon System)

Michael Schierl schierlm at gmx.de
Mon Feb 17 23:15:10 CET 2020


Am 17.02.2020 um 17:47 schrieb rochus.keller at bluewin.ch:
> @ all
> I added some application modules (Sierpinski etc.) to my Oberon System version and implemented additional procedures in the backend to support them;

Hennessy.Mod looks interesting as a benchmark to compare emulators.

I had to tweak it slightly so that it compiles in the original Project
Oberon compiler:


Unfortunately, the whole thing does not run, although it compiles fine.
I get some weird traps while trying to flush the output from the Writer
to the log buffer.

When removing a few tests and/or reducing their variable size so that
the module variables are below 64KB in size, it works.

Is that a known limitation of Project Oberon? It surprises me that the
compiler does not warn about it, but compiles it fine.



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