[Oberon] Hennessy.Mod 64kB limit

Pablo Cayuela pablo.cayuela at gmail.com
Tue Feb 18 19:09:15 CET 2020

I'm on your side Wojtek, as a professor and a former student, I'm always
praising Wirth's School but struggle with code, despite being Oberon, LoLa
or Verilog in ETHZ repositories and followers.
Too many parts of the codes are full of idioms known to an already involved
developer of the tools, but hard for outsiders and newbies.
I hope for they will follow the preached way.

Prof. Pablo Cayuela

On Tue, Feb 18, 2020 at 1:26 PM Skulski, Wojciech <skulski at pas.rochester.edu>

> Joerg:
>   I am not questioning the code. I am questioning the coding practice:
> avoiding any comments and writing bit masks explicitly in hex.
> I have learned how to clearly code bit masks from Cypress EZ-SB Frameworks
> originally written by Anchor Chips. Translated to Oberon it would look like
> this:
> CONST Bit0 = 1; Bit1 = 2; Bit3 = 4; (* and so on, the same can be written
> in hex *)
>   mno := inst DIV Bit20 MOD Bit4; (*  inst DIV 100000H MOD 10H; *)
> So now we at least see which bit is being used without parsing hex in
> mind. The intent of DIV and MOD can be explained in a comment. All your
> explanations can be written in a comment. As a minimum, a reference to NW
> papers could be given, with the paper title and page.
> I have written references to NW papers in my SysDef.Mod. I am asking, why
> I could do in Rochester what has not been done in Zurich, where this whole
> School of NW supposedly originated?
> I do not want to present public speeches on the merits of NW programming.
> I only want to see it done, in order for the code to become clear rather
> than confusing.
> W
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