[Oberon] Block objects for Oberon

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@ Richard Hable

Thanks for the link. The concept actually dates back to Simula 67. Dahl and Nygaard were inspired by Algol 60 blocks and advanced it to classes which essentially are dynamic blocks.


From: Richard Hable
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Subject: [Oberon] Block objects for Oberon

Hello all

Due to current events, the ACM Digital Library is now accessible for
free. This also includes many articles related to the Oberon programming

My favorite one is “Treating Statement Sequences as Block Objects” by
Hanspeter Mössenböck, in which he describes a simple extension to
Oberon-2 which allows implementing iterators (and more!) in an amazingly
efficient and elegant way:


Block objects (statement parameters) also appear in Wirth and Hoare’s “A
Contribution to the Development of ALGOL”:



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