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Hans Klaver hklaver at dds.nl
Fri Apr 10 01:18:16 CEST 2020

Jörg, you wrote:

> Just take the well-proven random generator.
> Below I inserted my version in Oberon-07

Thanks for the suggestion.

The Lehmer-Schrage RN generator from the Reiser-Wirth book (with your prime number modification of the a constant!) has been in my Oberon-07 library for some time already (see https://github.com/hansklav/Oberon-07/blob/master/Random.Mod).

But in the case of the Hennessy benchmarks I would regard it as a form of 'cheating' to use another function than the one that is part of the benchmark, because the most pure comparisons are only possible if the same list of random numbers is used in each implementation, even if the random function is not perfect.

Now I suspect the crash of the Oberon System V5 described by me is caused by some external code used by Peter de Wachter's RISC emulator, because only now I noticed that the following error message is shown on the command line where I started the emulator: 
Assertion failed: (data && data_ptr < data_len), function clipboard_data_write, file src/sdl-clipboard.c, line 78.
Abort trap: 6

Maybe it is even specific to the macOS version of SDL2 (I use the RISC emulator under macOS).
I have never used the clipboard function of the RISC emulator.

Again: the OBNC Oberon-07 compiler has no problem with the Rand function as it should be, and OBNC also uses the SDL2 library for certain functionality, but probably not this particular function.

Hans Klaver

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