[Oberon] Symbol Table Illustrations

Arthur Yefimov artur.efimov at gmail.com
Mon Apr 20 01:54:30 CEST 2020

Hi everyone,

I've prepared some illustrations on how the symbol table of the Oberon
compiler actually looks like when objects (variables etc.) are being
declared. I used the source code of Project Oberon for reference (with
minor differences in the names of some record fields).

There are four images, the first one shows declaration of a variable, 2nd -
a type, 3rd - a procedure, and 4th - an import of a module with an exported
procedure. There are some very minor captions in Russian, but the whole
illustration should be self-explanatory, and it's all in English / Oberon.

Here is the link to the images (please click on the four PNG files):

Some information on the project:
We are developing yet another crossplatform Oberon compiler. However, this
one is intended to be compiled directly to machine code and possibly allow
using multiple dialects (i. e. the new "Revised Oberon-2"). The work is
still far from finish though. We also want to make it easier for people to
dive in to the project and learn how the compiler works to give them the
ability to participate in its development. For that, a book is being
written (and later there will be a set of YouTube videos about Oberon and
the compiler). The project also includes creating an IDE and a set of
libraries, and possibly LLVM and C backends.

Scroll to the bottom of the README file for English text.

Arthur Yefimov
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