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> There are 2 main OSes left in the world now: Windows NT and *nix.
> Everything else is a rounding error.

In the desktop PC-oriented world perhaps but in the real world there are several other worlds ;-)

In the Embedded System world that I inhabit when I am using Oberon the emphasis is more on the use of 'RealTime' operating systems. Windows and *nix do not qualify by any stretch of the imagination for this category of OS. 

My preference naturally is to use our own 'Embedded' subset of Project Oberon OS, but other realtime operating systems that I am aware of are:



Arm Mbed OS:


For those not concerned with getting hands-on experience, another one of interest to Oberon developers is Minos: 


Minos was part of the ONBASS aviation system:


> Of the other OSes of interest to hobbyists, there are...

Given the list that you quote, you are referring to another very active world, the 'retrocomputing' world which I also visit when I feel like travelling. I would rephrase that as: 

> Of the other OSes of interest to *retrocomputing* hobbyists, there are...

Chris Burrows
CFB Software

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