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Thanks Chris, and my apologies to Urs Ammann.

There's some history of Pascal 6000 at the end of


which explains that Svend Knudsen worked with Urs Ammann on release 2 of 
Pascal-6000 around 1976.

I supported that compiler at Imperial College from 1978 to 1983 and for 
some reason it is Knudsen's name that always comes to my mind.

I found the Ammann paper on code generation fascinating. There is also 
an earlier paper from Wirth published at Stanford called

   On "Pascal", code generation, and the CDC 6000 computer.

STAN-CS-72-257 February 1972.

-- Dave.

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>> So to put the cat amongst the pigeons again :-), I have seen no better
>> solution to multiple integer sizes than Wirth and Knudsen's original
>> Pascal 6000 compiler (circa 1975) and its support for integer 
>> subranges.
> In the interest of historical accuracy, and to help anybody who wishes
> to research further, my understanding is that that the author of the
> (circa 1975) CDC 6000 Pascal compiler was Urs Ammann. He documents it
> in his paper 'On Code Generation in a PASCAL Compiler' (ETH Technical
> Report TR 013). He is also one of the authors of 'The PASCAL <P>
> Compiler: Implementation Notes' (ETH Technical Report TR 010).
> Both of these papers and an additional chapter, 'The Zurich
> Implementation' written by Urs are included in the book 'PASCAL The
> Language and its Implementation' Edited by D.W. Barron. 1981 John
> Wiley and Sons. ISBN-10: 0471278351. Used copies are currently being
> advertised on Amazon,
> Svend Erik Knudsen's claim to fame was the development of the Medos
> operating system written in Modula-2. This is documented in his 1983
> Dissertation ETH No.7346 'Medos-2: A Modula-2 Oriented Operating
> System for the Personal Computer Lilith'.
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