[Oberon] Names and genealogies.

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Mon Jun 22 19:57:26 CEST 2020


>From thomas.kral at email.cz  Mon Jun  1 08:36:21 2020
> There were pages showing System and Language genealogy over the years 
> at ETH. Can be possibly recovered from WebArchive (way back machine), 
> anyone tried?

In archive.org the last snapshot of the "Oberon Language Genealogy Tree" is here. 

Appears the translation from ethz.ch to archive.org spoiled the format 
of the table. If anyone knows of a correct image, PDF or on paper, 
that will help.  Thanks.

In archive.org the last snapshot of the "ETH Oberon System Genealogy 
Tree" is here.
Aside from glitches in borders, the format appears OK.  A copy is  
being salvaged.

From:	Joerg <joerg.straube at iaeth.ch>
Date:	Mon, 15 Jun 2020 07:04:27 +0200
> In 2000, System 3 was renamed to ??? ETH Oberon System???. System 3 
> should not be used anymore unless you refer to some intermediate 
> version of the ETH Oberon System between 1995 and 2000.

The wikibook should satisfy two criteria. 
(1) Formal correctness.  Straightforward for the experts, Joerg and 
many others.  For a novice formal correctness is water off a duck's 
back.  =8~)

(2) Comprehensibility.  Straightforward for the experts since decades 
ago.  =8~)  Frequently troublesome for a novice.  =8~(

(1) & (2) can conflict. Ambiguity of names is a source of confusion 
and annoyance. How can "System 3" and "ETH Oberon System" be handled 
without insulting correctness and without causing confusion?

"Young Mr. and Mrs. Smith welcome their first baby.  Inspired with 
simplicity, they register his name as Jon Smith.  Grandparents  
complain a little.  No problem.  =8~)

Jon reaches 15 years.  Mom and dad are middle aged and regret the 
choice of name. So they rename their son James-William George Smith.  
With a bit of formality the new name is in the government registry.  
=8~)  Grandparents say: What is wrong with these parents; giving the 
poor boy a headache.  Jon's friends say: How must we call you now; Jon 
or James-William or George or Smith?

Jon has an idea: I'm taller now but still me; all me J.  Friends are 
happy.  J is happy.  =8~)  Parents are annoyed.  =8~)  Grandparents 
say: A short name is better than a long one.  =8~)"

So I still think of alias S3 meaning "System 3" or "ETH Oberon 
System"; at risk of annoying some.  _Better_Ideas_ always welcome.  =8~)

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