[Oberon] Names and numbers of releases.

Skulski, Wojciech skulski at pas.rochester.edu
Fri Jul 17 08:04:29 CEST 2020


> I feel as if they are two trends in HW development
>1) One is exactly taking the fact that we reached a point where the performance of the existing CPUs is actually sufficient for all „normal“ tasks (like browsing, emailing, writing a letter, photo editing). But can we provide this „good enough“ performance with less and less energy. -> this drives the mobile industry to get more out of the battery

> 2) The other is really to boost the performance of a computer even further to solve more complex mathematical problems faster (make the game flicker free with the highest amount of environmental detail, make a better weather forecast or apply artificial intelligence) There, raw performance is key and the energy needed to provide it is neglected or minor. -> this drives the desktop industry where a power outlet is available

There are a few other trends which I noticed. 

3) Big data centers, whose HW is beyond the desktop industry. 

4) IoT which is more about controlling anything that can be controlled, like video surveillance and all kinds of smart things. Not necessarily mobile.

5) Edge computing, which is the next step beyond IoT. Or perhaps it is IoT under a new name. 

6) AI, which is probably much the same as the previous two with some hardware additions dubbed "intelligence". 

7) Quantum computing which is attracting much attention for a reason that I cannot quite comprehend.

... and perhaps a few more.


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