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> 2) The other is really to boost the performance of a computer even 
> further to solve more complex mathematical problems faster (make the 
> game flicker free with the highest amount of environmental detail, 
> make a better weather forecast or apply artificial intelligence) 

Many problems in science require significant computing.  Here are a few examples.
* In genetics, searching and matching with very large sequences.

* In empirical chemstry (including biochemistry), X-ray diffraction and NMR is 
applied to large molecules to determine geometry.  Collecting the data is only 
one step.  Data reduction to geometry requires big computation.  Nice color 
pictures of results are plentiful on the Web.

* In fluid mechanics there are longstanding unsolved problems equiring 
serious computation.  Some aspects are similar to the games of chess and go.
Also somewhat related to weather forecasting.  Progress in these areas remains 

* In particle physics, Wojciech can cite examples better than I can.

(A Sunbeam toaster made about 1950 is quite OK for me.  Intelligence in 
a toaster is an annoying bother.)

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