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We can see that the term "Edge" can mean different things.
I was referring to "Edge Cloud". 

I personally use definition (d) explained in the chapter "Teetering on the Edge" under this link
So, I call the device itself (and it's OS) "far edge".


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    > 5) Edge computing, which is the next step beyond IoT. Or perhaps it is IoT under a new name.
    >The word „edge“ has nothing to do with the server HW per se (HW the same as your category 3) above) but with the location where your data center is geographically located. For time critical application, you can not use Amazon‘s data center somewhere in the US, but you have to use computing resources nearer to you, namely at the „edge„ of the Internet. No new HW cycle for this category.
    Actually, "edge computing" means that you perform some data reduction "at the edge" before sending the preprocessed data to the centers. Look at FreeRTOS which was purchased by Amazon. The FreeRTOS is meant to be run on the small "edge" devices connected to the Amazon Web Services. They bought FreeRTOS in order to build the edge-to-center connection right into the edge OS. Needless to say that the center is theirs and they charge for using it. The stuff "at the edge" is yours and feel free to build your own devices w/o paying Amazon a dime. But be aware that the real value is when you connect to AWS, which is not free. 
    Other companies are trying to do the same. AWS is perhaps the best known. 
    If we were smart then we would turn Oberon System into the FreeRTOS equivalent, peddle it to some big guy, and become rich and happy ever after. Or at least till someone invents another New Great Thing.
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