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> Your sentence ...

According to my recollection the "Historical Perspective" was 
primarily Bernhard's work.  (Details can be traced at "View history".)
Thanks Bernhard.

> I would just write "ETH Oberon (formerly System 3, S3) is written in 
> Oberon-2." 

Bernhard, I've made that change.  If you're dissatisfied, let me know 
or revert or edit further.

Also I added a footnote mentioning Oberon vs. Oberon-2.  Currently 
footnote 6.  That sort of detail is obvious to an expert but helpful 
to a novice.

Also, to preserve access to the language report, I've added a link in 
the footnote and another in the first sentence of the Historical 

Regarding Oberon vs. Oberon-2, the FOR statement should be a useful 
landmark.  Ie. Oberon-2 has FOR; Oberon does not. The report preserved 
at https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Oberon/oreport is for Oberon.

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