[Oberon] Emulators

Colby Russell oberon at x.colbyrussell.com
Wed Jul 29 17:33:40 CEST 2020

On 7/29/20 7:49 AM, Skulski, Wojciech wrote:
 > Concerning Colby's emulator, the comment in the text explicitly says
 > that it can open Peter de Wachter's format.

To reiterate what Michael has by now already said: the in-browser
emulator supports the disk *format* that Peter's emulator uses, but the
*Oberon system build* that Peter's disks uses—or the executables that
you would get by building Wirth's distribution or what's on
projectoberon.com—does not have the necessary system modifications to
work under the in-browser emulator.

(In fact, you should be able to find that same comment in the sources
that Michael has hosted on GitHub, because I contributed the change
upstream several months—maybe even a year or so—before I first
experimented with packaging the emulator as a single, portable file that
works offline.)

Colby Russell

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