[Oberon] A technote for automatically running batch job on system startup

Charles Perkins chuck at kuracali.com
Sun Aug 2 16:51:46 CEST 2020

Hello everybody,

I wrote a note on how to have Oberon automatically run a startup script. I
introduced two small changes to TextFrames.Mod (five lines total)
introducing a 'Call Message' and then handling that message with a call to
the Call procedure, and three small changes to System.Mod (eight lines
total) introducing two variables, opening a viewer with a predetermined
text file, and then sending the call message to the viewer at the end of
system initialization.


I used Michael Schierl's Batch.Mod for the actual batching of commands but
Andreas Pirklbauer's system would have worked just as well, or any
other batching or script system. The above changes merely call the first
command in a text file, the rest of what happens is up to that command.

I did this to make building and testing my own system more automatic but I
thought I'd share in case anyone found it interesting or useful

Best Regards,
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