[Oberon] An attempt at an Oberon family tree

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> On Mon, 28 Sep 2020 at 12:45, Bernhard Treutwein <bernhard at wildwein.de>
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> > Algol-60 and Algol-W are missing. Both are precursors of Pascal and
> > both have entries in Wikipedia ...
> Well, yes, but they were not Wirth projects, or at least not Wirth-led or
> Wirth on his own. They are also very well-known, widely-influential, and
> the ancestor of so many other languages from Basic to C that to include all
> the offspring of Algol would include almost every programming language
> there is except Lisp and Fortran.
> That is why I chose to exclude them. Does that seem fair?

I would have included both of them, or ALGOL-W at least. Pascal didn't just spring up out of nowhere. 

"... Wirth developped (sic) the language Pascal in Zurich. The basis was Algol-W ..."


There is no need to include all the descendants of an ancestor if you are tracing the origins of an offspring. 

I could be wrong but I have always thought that ALGOL-W was an abbreviation for ALGOL-WIRTH. 

Chris Burrows
CFB Software

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