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Ivan Denisov d.ivan.krsk at gmail.com
Thu Oct 29 15:22:23 CET 2020

Because this check is slow, this option still exists in the interface. I 
am usually switch it off for production versions of models, which 
intensively using arrays.

Vlad said, that it is a problem that in JavaScript there is no fast and 
universal mechanism for check indexes in arrays. Maybe someone knows, 
how to make this index check fast?

- Ivan

28.10.2020 13:44, Joerg пишет:
> Hi
>> + comdiv made speed test with sort algorithm 
>> https://visual.sfu-kras.ru/model/59
> I ran this one and found a very interesting result:
> Runtime for InsertSort over 13837 elements
> - index check on: 20.1 sec
> - index check off: 0.1 sec
> index check on open arrays seem to have a huge penalty...
> br
> Jörg
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