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Ivan Denisov d.ivan.krsk at gmail.com
Fri Oct 30 02:43:51 CET 2020

The Oberon sources in online IDE is translating to JavaScript and 
executing directly in the client browser.

JavaScript it self does not TRAP if indexes are out of array size... So 
if we want safety common for all Oberon runtime realizations, we need to 
use way  of manual check. Or to find some mechanism in JavaScript to 
catch this error another way to generate TRAP. So Vlad is searching for 
this. He found some __noSuchMethod__ feature 
Maybe it will help to make better realization.

However I am also happy with existing realization. It opens new 
abilities for Oberon in Online education.

- Ivan

30.10.2020 02:56, August Karlstrom пишет:
> On 2020-10-29 15:22, Ivan Denisov wrote:
>> Vlad said, that it is a problem that in JavaScript there is no fast 
>> and universal mechanism for check indexes in arrays.
> Why do you need to check array indices in Javascript? All 
> implementations I know of already do this.
> -- August
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