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Fri Dec 25 22:32:33 CET 2020

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> Most programmers seem to think that the Courier font is the
> only font that should ever exist. 

I must be an exception then. I prefer and recommend Consolas Size 9 ;-) 

The reason being the use of fixed-width fonts assists my comprehension of
source code that uses indentation conventions.

To me, in this respect, software is similar to hardware. The explanation of
how an application / circuit works should be confines to the design
documentation and reference manual. That is where any font embellishments,
fancy graphics etc. that help comprehension of the ideas, concepts, results
etc. should appear. The source code is the equivalent of the schematic and
should be as plain and uncluttered as possible. Anything else just gets in
the way. 


Chris Burrows
CFB Software

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