[Oberon] Text2ASCII at github - was: "all in one git tree"

Joerg joerg.straube at iaeth.ch
Tue Dec 29 14:31:56 CET 2020

Attached my version for PO13. I added ET.StoreAscii to my System.Tool. Mark a viewer with the text you wanna store as ASCII file with the star and click on ET.StoreAscii

MODULE ET; (* jr/3apr19, EditTools *)

IMPORT Files, Viewers, Texts, Oberon, TextFrames, Strings, Out;

	TAB = 9X; LF = 0AX; CR = 0DX; 

PROCEDURE StoreAscii*; (* store text in marked viewer as pure ASCII. mark a viewer with CTRL-Z *)
		V: Viewers.Viewer;
		S: Texts.Scanner;
		name: ARRAY 32 OF CHAR;

		F: Files.File;
		W: Files.Rider;
		R: Texts.Reader;
		ch: CHAR;
		V := Oberon.MarkedViewer();
		IF (V.dsc # NIL) & (V.dsc.next IS TextFrames.Frame) THEN (* the marked viewer is a standard TextFrame *)
			(* extract file name *)
			Texts.OpenScanner(S, V.dsc(TextFrames.Frame).text, 0); Texts.Scan(S);
			name := S.s; Strings.Append(name, ".txt");
			Out.String("writing "); Out.String(name); Out.Ln;
			F := Files.New(name);

			IF F # NIL THEN (* write ASCII chars to file *)
				Files.Set(W, F, 0);
				Texts.OpenReader(R, V.dsc.next(TextFrames.Frame).text, 0);
				Texts.Read(R, ch);
				WHILE ~R.eot DO
					IF (ch = TAB) OR (ch >= " ") THEN Files.Write(W, ch)
					ELSIF ch = CR THEN Files.Write(W, CR); Files.Write(W, LF)
					Texts.Read(R, ch)
	END StoreAscii;

END ET.StoreAscii

ORP.Compile jr.ET.Mod ~
System.Free ET ~

Am 29.12.20, 13:34 schrieb "Oberon im Auftrag von Bernhard Treutwein" <oberon-bounces at lists.inf.ethz.ch im Auftrag von oberon at wildwein.de>:

    glancing over the discussion about "all in one git tree" I remembered that Pieter Muller had written a tiny program to convert Oberon Text files to pure ASCII, so that these could be savely handled by cvs. I think it might be useful also for svn and git. I recovered it from the sourceforge repo and have created a github repo for it at: https://github.com/btreut/Text2Ascii 

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