[Oberon] [EXT] Re: File transfer;

Skulski, Wojciech skulski at pas.rochester.edu
Fri Jan 1 07:37:08 CET 2021


>OK, thanks.  My intention was to let readers know that a wheel can be
>adapted rather than reinvented.

I hope others think the same. But I am not sure. 

>> Ideally the Extended Oberon and Linz V4 would become source
>> compatible, opening the door to using all the V4 packages under FPGA
>> Oberon. This would be fantastic.
>With a bit of luck, just a matter of time.

With a bit of understanding that *this* would be progress.

I still have a copy of ETHZ Oberon for Linux, where both V4 and System 3 coexist in the same distribution. Depending how you start it, it will start as either System3 or V4. I think that this version dates back to when HP Mossenboeck still worked at ETHZ. The ETH version uses the a.out format (whatever it means).  Linux V4 was disentangled from System 3 at Linz by Robert Lichtenberger. He switched to the elf format (whatever it means). 

Additionally, the ETHZ distribution also provides a directory for Ceres-2. So it is full of history, so to speak. In case it is not available on the web, it might make sense to archive it in some public place for posterity. How about erecting an Oberon Museum where all these conflicting versions would wait for some history students?

I want to say that there were times when the two distributions coexisted as one. If anyone is interested then I can e-mail it back. It is only 4.45 megabytes.

> I'm still interested to get an Oberon.Ini for Linux V4. 

Neither the ETHZ nor Linz Oberon for Linux provide any hint of the .ini file. Perhaps it is not necessary?


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