[Oberon] [EXT] Re: File transfer;

Skulski, Wojciech skulski at pas.rochester.edu
Sat Jan 2 21:19:31 CET 2021

> Inheritance is a common feature of Oberon types, also Oberon-07 offers it.

Instance-based, yes. Type-bound, no. 

Andreas already implemented the latter in his compiler. So it has been fortunately reintroduced. 

Remaining "embellishments" are multiple RETURN, LOOP-EXIT, etc. NW wrote that there were very few instances of the LOOP-EXIT in the entire Oberon System. So it is not very critical to get it back. Concerning multiple RETURN, I just do not buy the argument that its elimination helps with code quality. If anyone *really* wanted to improve the quality of the Oberon System code, then there are other abuses worth improving upon. We have discussed all these numerical constants littering the code, have we not? *This* would be worth fixing. But multiple RETURN? Really?


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