[Oberon] Porting S3 / V4 Oberon (was: File transfer)

Chris Burrows chris at cfbsoftware.com
Sun Jan 3 04:50:48 CET 2021

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> Adding back EXIT, RETURN, LOOP, etc, to the modified compiler would
> certainly be doable. But if someone wants to embark on such an
> effort, e.g. to "make porting V4 to RISC5" easier, I would only
> suggest that "that someone  also clearly separates the two variants
> of the language. I would not mix and match!! 

I agree 110%.

> Or - as Chris has said -
> I would not try to eat anchovies and chocolate at the same time!!
> They just s don t mix well!

We might not, but there is no accounting for taste ;-)




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