[Oberon] LOOP conversion

Joerg joerg.straube at iaeth.ch
Tue Jan 5 10:17:55 CET 2021

    When you abandon constructs, whether good or bad, you effectively orphan 
    all the code that used it.  Commercially, this forces you to decide 
    whether you can afford to modify existing code.  There is no easy answer 
    here but, in my opinion, is always something to keep in mind.

You're right. Please remember that NW's whole life was committed to make programming understandable and teachable.
And teaching bad style is not a good idea as students act as multiplier during their work life.
NWs experience in teaching evolved and with it his Oberon language.

In 1854 it was believed that Cholera spreads via noxious "bad air". John Snow showed that it is caused by organisms in polluted water.
If London would have kept drinking the polluted water, Cholera could not be stopped. So, sometimes you have to orphan old habits like drinking polluted water or using LOOP/EXIT.. __


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