[Oberon] _Compiler_Construction_ by Niklaus Wirth

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> Paul:
>   is there any chance for a book "Advanced Compiler Construction with
> RISC5"? It would describe the real world compiler which we are
> dealing with, 

Yes indeed! It already exists. Refer to the Project Oberon book which you
can download from the Project Oberon site:


Look for the three files identified as 'Book Chapters...'.

Chapter 12 describes the real world Oberon-07 compiler. Chapters 16 and 17
are also relevant. You should read these after you have completed reading
the Compiler Construction book. 

> plus techniques which Andreas is using to extend,
> modify, and enhance its operation.

I would have thought Andreas would be the most appropriate person to
document his techniques?

Chris Burrows
CFB Software

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