[Oberon] _Compiler_Construction_ by Niklaus Wirth

Andreas Pirklbauer andreas_pirklbauer at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 10 22:58:59 CET 2021

    > >I would have thought Andreas would be the most appropriate person to 
    > >document his techniques? 
    > Of course! It would be absolutely wonderful to order his book(s) from Amazon! 

You’ll have to contend with web/github pages for the time being ;-)

But some comments:

1. From a system point of view, most is actually already described,
but unfortunately not in one place - either as README in various
repositories or in pdf form (eg safe module unloading, fast access
to global and imported module data, batch execution, etc)

2, From a language point of view, much is there as well in various
repositories (so, again distributed…) But not all. The one big thing
missing is how to implement type-bound procedures in a single-
pass (!) compiler. That one was quite tricky and would require
time to properly document. The documentation actually exists
and is quite complete, but it’s not in polished-enough form.

PS: Once the RISC-V version of EOS will be released, there
will also be more extensive PDF documentation, e.g. on
a "multi-compiler that targets two target architectures”.


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