[Oberon] Oberon V4 on the Raspberry Pi?

Bernhard Treutwein oberon at wildwein.de
Mon Jan 11 11:26:04 CET 2021

> strohm at airmail.net hat am 11.01.2021 08:30 geschrieben:
> Has anyone ported Oberon V4 to run on the Raspberry Pi?  Ideally, 64-bit?

I don't think (or at least: I never saw any traces). Peter Matthias ported
the OP2 compiler to create 32bit executable code on the Raspberry (see OLR at
http://oberon.wikidot.com/oberon-linux-revival-olr), but that is S3 and not V4. 
But it may be a starting point (together with Claudio Nieder's collected V4
sources at https://sourceforge.net/p/oberon/oberonv4/ci/master/tree/).

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