[Oberon] Oberon V4 on the Raspberry Pi?

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> > ETHOberon is written in Oberon-2, as LinzOberon.
> Thank you for the clarification. In my copious free time I will
> update the Wikipedia article at some point.
> So, as I understand it, there are just these 4 forks of the OS that
> continued separately?
>   ETH Oberon [in Oberon 2] is (or was) the final continuation of the
> original system.
>   Linz Oberon [in Oberon 2] is a fork, without direct involvement
> from Prof Wirth   A2 [in Active Oberon] is a fork, in a forked
> version of the language, but the only version to run on modern
> hardware & to support SMP.
>   Project Oberon [in Oberon-07] is Wirth's official version, and only
> runs on RISC5 or an emulation thereof?

There is another ETH fork 'Insight ETHOS':

"The Ethos system is an evolutionary successor of the Oberon system, and is implemented using the language Oberon-2."


This eventually became the basis of the commercial system Oberon/F (the framework) and then Oberon/L (the language) which then morphed into BlackBox Component Builder (the framework) and Component Pascal (the language). The Component Pascal compiler is an extended version of Regis Crelier's ETH OP2 Oberon-2 compiler. 

There is still much development activity related to this, particularly in Russia: 




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