[Oberon] Starting V4.

Hellwig Geisse hellwig.geisse at mni.thm.de
Wed Jan 13 18:48:48 CET 2021


On Mi, 2021-01-13 at 12:35 -0300, Pablo Cayuela wrote:
> I could use "rm -f"  to hide the messages, ok, but I don't understand about invoking from the same
> directory again, I do that, but it keeps saying " rm: cannot remove '... ': No such file or
> directory "

the error messages about the files that cannot be
removed do only show up the first time you invoke
the "sob" script. If you invoke the script again
from your working directory (note: this must not be
the installation directory), the files are already
present and can be deleted without any error (and
the symbolic links are re-established, as Robert
wrote). If you replace the "rm" commands in the
script by "rm -f" commands (in two places) then
even the first invocation works without the error

Another question: did you ever try to recompile the
Oberon bootstrap loader linux.oberon.c? I think this
must be done in a generic 32-bit environment, because
the program is full of constructs like
if (strcmp("sin", symbol) == 0) *adr = (int)sin;
which is plain wrong if pointers are 64 bits and
integers are 32 bits.


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