[Oberon] Oberon V1, V2, S3 working under MS-DOS

Pablo Cayuela pablo.cayuela at gmail.com
Tue Jan 19 21:15:40 CET 2021

For those who want to use Oberon V1 and V2 (and to compare it to the FPGA
Project Oberon), they are working on MS-DOS or compatible one. I tried all
of them in DOSBox, you can see all of them working here:


You can find executable versions of Oberon V1.0, V1.2, V1.4, V2.0 and even
System 3 under MS-DOS here:


Sources are only found for DOS Oberon System 3 and not working by now:

All these material was published by colleague Professor Grardo Ospina and
he gave me some advices (original in Spanish, translated here):

*Dear Mr. Pablo Cayuela,I only have access to DOS Oberon System 3 sources,
I received them from Andreas R. Distelli in August 1995. I just uploaded
them to GitHub in a public repository
<https://github.com/Classic-Tools/Project-Oberon>). Some files have fonts
errors and not all files match the latest official version (System 3
Release 2.0). Assembling Extender.Asm
in a non-functional oberon.com
in this email, a modified version of Extender.Asm
apparently generates a version very close to the oberon.com
the latest official version, although no extensive testing has been
performed. YOU must use MASM 5.1 to assemble and exe2bin to generate
oberon.com <http://oberon.com>, if the DOS you are using does not contain
this tool, you can use exe2com, by Chris Dunford, available on the
internet.Cordial greeting,Prof. Gerardo OspinaCenter for Computational
Architecture and Security StudiesProf. Computational Architecture and
Operating SystemsSystems Engineering  Colombian School of Engineering Julio

The version of Extender that he sent me is here:

I hope that you find these versions useful or informative.

Best regards,
Prof. Pablo Cayuela

PS: I've updated system variants in Oberon wikibook

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