[Oberon] Indentation in a source in Oberon V2.

peter at easthope.ca peter at easthope.ca
Fri Jan 22 21:59:29 CET 2021

Restoring a source from the original _Project_Oberon_ to a Text is 
straightforward except for one detail. From the PDF I can't detect 
whether indentation was blanks or tabs.  No indentation is preserved 
when I select and copy from PDF to the clipboard. Possibly a 
limitation of evince in Debian 10.

From: hklaver at dds.nl (Hans Klaver)
Date: Sun, 23 Jul 2017 03:13:55 +0200
> ... I would suggest to use one tab character for each indentation.

That has been my personal preference.

>From joerg.straube at iaeth.ch  Sun Jul 23 08:27:26 2017
> Indentation is indeed a totally personal thing.

Understood.  Therefore I aim to keep the result identical to the 
originals of N.W. and J.G.

>From chris at cfbsoftware.com  Sun Jul 23 08:28:17 2017
> a) Wirth's Project Oberon: Two spaces for used for each level of
> indentation. 

Is that known for V2 and the original _Project_Oberon_?  Only for the 
new edition?

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